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cricket quote t shirt
cricket quote t shirt cricket quote t shirt cricket quote t shirt

Cricket Quote T shirt

from £18.00


A brilliant, funny cricket quote t shirt.


Cricket seems to provide the most hilarious quotes whether it comes from the presenters, pundits, players or the crowd.  Guaranteed to bring a smile.


These t shirts would make an ideal present for any cricket fan.


Printed and pressed in our garden studio.


The T shirts are available in light grey, charcoal grey and dark blue.


They are available in two qualities; a standard, hardwearing cotton which lasts really well, or for £5 more a finer, softer premium grade which also wears really well.

The quote is written in a handwriting style font and is available in neon orange, white, black or gold.


Gift wrapping available in a metallic green envelope with a white label and either black or ivory grosgrain ribbon.


You can choose a 50x60mm personalised neck label.  Click here to see an example.  Either submit your message at checkout when prompted or send us an e-mail.



You can either provide us with your own quote or use one of the quotes we have preselected. Add the letter code at check out or send us an email.


a) “To stay in, you’ve got to not get out.” GEOFF BOYCOTT

b) "Strangely, in slow motion, the ball seemed to hang in the air for even longer" - David Acfield

c) "Tufnell! Can I borrow your brain? I'm building an idiot" - Australian fan to England spinner Phil Tufnell

d) "The Port Elizabeth ground is more of a circle than an oval. It is long and square" - Trevor Bailey

e) "Laird has been brought in to stand in the corner of the circle" - Richie Benaud

f) "There were congratulations and high sixes all round" - Richie Benaud

g) "It's a catch he would have caught 99 times times out of 1,000" - Henry Blofeld

h) "It's a catch 21 situation" - Kevin Pietersen

i) "The blackcurrant jam tastes of fish to me" - Derek Randall, tasting caviar for the first time

j) "This ground is surprising. It holds about 60,000 but when there are around 30,000 in, you get the feeling that it is half empty" - Ravi Shastri

k) "We didn't have metaphors in our day. We didn't beat around the bush" - Fred Trueman

l) "We've won one on the trot" - Alec Stewart



Made from:

100% cotton. This T shirt can be washed up to 40 degrees, tumble dryed and ironed on reverse.


To see detailed size guides with chest, length and shoulder measurements, see our size guide at  Please be aware that all measures are approximate, as there is some variation across garments within sizes.

Personalised neck label: 
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