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Our Story

Finding quirky solutions to everyday problems is what Stabo does best.


Founded in 2001 Ros Hathorn and Ed Benn are the Designer Makers at the heart of Stabo.  


British made clothes

Stabo has progressed through countless products, locations and even a few countries before arriving at it's current incarnation as a web based business in Impington, north of Cambridge. 


What has remained consistent is our hands-on, can-do, DIY approach.  Each year we try something new and see where it leads us.  Two years ago that was non-stop foil embossed personalisation from 8 in the morning to 10 at night to keep up with the Christmas demand, last year we launched our homeware range and this year we've been developing our engraved personalised ranges.  

Clothes made in britain

We create products that solve problems and fill gaps in our own lives;


-Instantly recognisable colourful purses and pouches to organise your handbag or luggage,  

-Cool cardholders and pencil cases we can engrave pictures of our children onto,

-Shoppers where we can put the darned handwashing,

-Beautiful throws like our parents have used for decades to give our friends as wedding presents their children will be able to snuggle under,

-Originally designed T shirts we can throw on everyday and always look good in. 


We always strive to create beautiful, original, witty products unique to Stabo. 

British made clothes and accessories

British made clothes and accessories

Handmade clothes and accessories

Ros Hathorn