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Hand Wash Only Canvas Bag

'Hand Wash Only' Canvas Bag



This Canvas bag is life changing not in a big dramatic way but in a small, useful way.


In our house the handwash items end up dumped in a pile on the floor near the laundry basket.  As we rarely get round to handwashing eventually someone will chuck them in with the standard washing and throw them in the washing machine Aaaaaarghh.


This shopper provides somewhere to put those tricksy hand wash only items.  The bag can be hung up, put over a door handle or just sit near the laundry basket and then easily carried to the sink for handwashing separated from the rest of the laundry.


The canvas shopper is made from 100% unbleached cotton.  It is 40 cm tall and 36cm wide with a 10cm gusset.  The straps are just over 60cm long and will easily fit over the shoulder. 


The writing is on one side and available in neon orange, bright green and black.


Please let us know if you would like the words on both side it can easily be done. 



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