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Dry Clean Only Canvas Bag
Dry Clean Only Canvas Bag Dry Clean Only Canvas Bag

Dry Clean Only' Bag



A sister product to our Hand Wash Only Canvas Shopper this bag quite simply provides a convenient place to store Dry Clean Only items before taking them to the dry cleaner.  They will no longer kick around the bedroom or bathroom floor they have can have a home.


There is also significantly less chance of a well meaning partner chucking them in the washing machine (and there might be an increased chance of said partner taking them to the dry cleaners for you!).


The canvas shopper is made from 100% unbleached cotton.  It is 40 cm tall and 36cm wide with a 10cm gusset.  The straps are just over 60cm long and will easily fit over the shoulder. 


The text on the front is available in neon orange, bright green and black. 


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