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Blue Etched Pet Portrait
Blue Etched Pet Portrait Blue Etched Pet Portrait

Blue Etched Pet Portrait



Pets are a wonderful part of the household why not add hang their portrait on your wall. The blue and brown colouring of the image creates a striking piece of art with a contemporary feel. 


We etch the image through a layer of blue onto a brown board.  The coloured layer and the board have inconsistencies along with the engraving process this makes a really interesting final image.  Framed in a black box frame.  


After you've ordered email us your image. We will crop the background so that we can just see your pet.  The best images are taken in good light without blurring with good contrast. 


If you would like a description on the picture mount please submit this either by email or in the message box when you place your order.


We can run off a small proof sample and send it across as an attachment for approval.


The overall frame is 43 x 33 cms and is 2 cms on the front face and is 3.5cms deep



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