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Blue Etched House Portrait
Blue Etched House Portrait Blue Etched House Portrait Blue Etched House Portrait Blue Etched House Portrait

Blue Etched House Portrait



These portraits are a lovely way of turning an image of your house into a work of art.  They also make a great house warming present.


The etching process engraves the image through a layer of blue onto board, both the coloured layer and the board have inconsistencies these add to the visual interest of the final image.   The blue colour gives the image a very contemporary feel making it easy to hang on a wall with other modern pieces. 


These pictures are framed in a black box frame. 


We can offer the portrait as a single image or a repeating image of four.


Send us your photograph as an email after you've ordered. The best images are taken in good lighting conditions; direct sunlight or an overcast day with few shadows work best, shots at the end of the day may be likely to have longer shadows.


Another option is to send us a link from Google Street View this can be a good way to provide an image for someone elses house.  If you do this please make it very clear which house you would like an image of.  We can crop the image to centralise the relevant house.


We can crop images to remove other houses, trees etc, but items which overlap the house cannot be edited out, wheely bins and cars are often situated in front of the house and cannot be removed.


If you would like a description on the picture mount please submit this either by email or in the message box when you place your order.


We can run off a small proof sample and send it across as an attachment for approval.


The overall frame is 43 x 33 cms and is 2 cms on the front face and is 3.5cms deep


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